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At Waterstone Mortgage, we take the confusion and anxiety out of the mortgage process so you have a clear path to your dream of home ownership.

We believe our job is to help you enjoy the homebuying experience – not to keep you waiting and wondering about the status of your loan. We take care of as much as possible up front, so when we tell you “yes”, we mean it.

That’s how we’ve continued to grow and stand out in our industry – by doing what’s right for our customers. We’ll help you every step of the way, from application to moving day.

Here’s what our commitment to excellence means for you:

• Quick Service – in-house processing, underwriting, and funding ensure mortgages will be ready in weeks, not months.
• Competitive Pricing - our production volume and superior execution and delivery allows us to offer lower rates
• More Program Options – our lender relationships allow us to offer the most program flexibility, helping us to fulfill your needs.
• Stable Ownership - we are a wholly owned subsidiary of WaterStone Bank SSB, backed by assets of $1.6 billion.

Contact me today for a free consultation and discover how close you are to achieving your home ownership dreams!



My husband and I were referred to Jeffrey and his team by our Realtor. I was a bit skeptical about using a mortgage company because we had always worked with our credit union for both previous mortgages. However, I trusted my Realtor and I decided to make the call. I was glad I did. Jeff and his team were professional, helpful, and very courteous. Every time I spoke with Jeff on the phone or corresponded via email, I felt reassured that he had my best interests in mind and that he was working as hard as I was to make owning our new home a reality. Thank you Jeffrey, Corey, and the rest of the Waterstone Mortgage team.

- Rosie and Dave D.


Jeff took a very difficult loan situation and made it very smooth. With all of the regulatory requirements that govern lending now, and the fact that we had nine existing properties, our case file was not easy. With that in mind, Jeff set the appropriate expectation and guided us through the process. The partnership that he has with operations is outstanding, and made this appear seamless. I would recommend Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage to anyone who wants to get their home loan closed efficiently, effectively, and without issue. Thanks, Jeff and Team. You’re very much appreciated.   

- Ron G.


First of all, I would like to thank Jeff and the entire staff at Waterstone Mortgage for such a pleasant and efficient experience in financing the FHA loan for my first home. The staff at Waterstone Mortgage knew that this was an important part of my life. Not only was it my first home, but also a purchase that had been on hold for various personal reasons. With any loan, I’m sure there are many hiccups along the way. But Jeff and the rest of the team were able to complete my loan in a timely manner, in order to meet my closing date on time.

Again, thank you Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage for helping me get to the next step in my life – owning my first home.

- Jeff A.


I whole-heartedly recommend Jeffrey Mioduszewski as your next loan officer for a home mortgage or refinance. Jeff is thorough, but works through the myriad details very quickly. He communicates to all parties involved consistently and in a timely fashion. (He even responded to an email while on his honeymoon!) He understands the recent changes to the process and rules for home loans, and patiently walks his clients through each step. Thanks to Jeff and his team, we were able to close early and move into our home much sooner than we originally planned.

- Sally H.


Hi Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help from the beginning to the end of the mortgage process. One thing that made you stand apart from any other mortgage broker I worked with was your honesty – you didn’t sugar coat, nor did you lead me to believe anything else but the cold hard truth. You advised, prepared, and conditioned me throughout what most people consider to be one of the most stressful moments of their life. Your patience and professionalism during this process was far superior then my original expectations when shopping for a broker. You made this process smooth and almost – dare I say? – EASY! This is my very first home, and I am so delighted that I had the pleasure of working with someone who I would deem a rock-star in the mortgage field.

- Michael C.


I had the challenge of working through a FL purchase while being on the West Coast.  Jeff made the process seem so easy and I can only express thanks for all of his efforts.  Options were thoroughly explained and the team at Waterstone Mortgage was proactive and responsive to all of my needs.    I would definitely recommend Jeff & team for financing needs and will be using him again in the future.

-Tina H.


My family and I just moved to Florida, and the mortgage process was made easy by Jeffrey Mioduszewski from Waterstone Mortgage. We started the paperwork prior to our move from Connecticut, and Jeffery was able to get us closed 2 weeks early. We actually closed in 3 weeks from the day we signed the contract. Jeffery was very professional and made sure to let us know in advance what paperwork was needed. I would highly recommend using Jeffery Mioduszewski from Waterstone Mortgage.

- Justin B.


I have worked with Jeff on two different occasions (once for a refinance and once for a new home loan). Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and a hard worker. He takes the time to explain the process and was even able to answer questions about the closing that the title agent wasn't able to answer. I highly recommend Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage for all your financing needs. You will not be disappointed.

- Billy P.


As I finally sit here in my new home, I realize that it would not have happened without the help of Jeff Mioduszewski and Waterstone Mortgage. Jeff was kind, courteous, and extremely responsive throughout my entire loan process, which lasted a six-month period. Jeff assisted me in so many ways; there were plenty, as the loan process was initiated through my father at the beginning of 2015. Following my father’s passing in March 2015, Jeff "picked up the parts" and continued with the entire loan for a second time. At that point, the loan was placed in my name. I can honestly say that Jeff made things happen one way or another. If I am in need of another mortgage – and I most likely will be – I without a doubt will reach out for Jeff's assistance and seal my loan with his company. Further, I will certainly recommend Jeff Mioduszewski to any of my friends, family members, or acquaintances if they are ever in need of a mortgage. I would also like to give thanks to Jeff's co-worker, Corey Bates. Likewise, Corey was very kind, courteous, and extremely responsive. Many thanks to Jeff, Corey, and Waterstone Mortgage for making my home purchase possible!

- Robert R.


I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to getting me into the house of my dreams. You were one step ahead on every obstacle that arose. You are very courteous and knowledgeable, and are willing to go the extra mile to help your lender get approved.

 Alfred L.


Those who have gone through the mortgage process over the last few years understand that there have been a number of changes resulting in much stricter borrowing requirements. For me, these changes, coupled with owning my own business – and a few other layers of complexity that I brought to the table – had all signs pointing toward a stressful process ahead. Because I had gone for a mortgage a couple of years back, I knew that my current situation required the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable loan officer. Jeff definitely turned out to be the guy. It quickly became obvious that he has a deep understanding of the industry and is extremely efficient in his work. His transparency throughout the process helped set realistic expectations for my borrowing terms and closing timeframes. It certainly didn’t hurt that he had extremely attractive rates and programs. I will definitely be going to Jeff for any future mortgage needs and would strongly recommend others do as well.

 Dave M.



Jeff and I have worked together since 2006 and it has been quite a pleasure. Jeff is very diligent and always makes sure the client is handled in a professional and efficient manner. He takes the time to explain all the necessary details in a mortgage transaction and my clients always commend Jeff on his ability to set the expectations and deliver on time or early. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, I find it very important to have a mortgage specialist who is available and knowledgeable in their industry and Jeff excels in all areas of the business. From his diligent follow up to his extensive knowledge in the mortgage industry, I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a loan specialist who will deliver.

Jackie L.
Charles Rutenberg Realty


We had a great experience working with Jeff Mioduszewski! We had a very unique scenario, and because of Jeff's tenacity, we were able to get pre-approved after 2 other lenders had told us no. Once we found our dream home, Jeff was there for us EVERY step of the way. He was very responsive and persistent to assure we closed on time! Our loan was closed in less than 4 weeks! We could not be happier with the service Jeff provided, and I can not say enough positive things about Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage. Thanks so much!

Megan P.

Lipply Real Estate Group


It was an absolute pleasure working with Jeff. I was the listing agent on the transaction and it was so refreshing to receive updates directly from the loan officer. I was surprised at how quickly we were able to close on a condo with a VA loan. There are usually hiccups and delays throughout the process, but that was not the case for this transaction. It was by far one of the most smooth transactions I have been through recently and I am looking forward to working with Jeff again in the future!

Melissa M.B.

RE/MAX ACR Elite Group


Thank you so much for all your help with my recent condo purchase. I appreciate all your hard work from the excellent advice to helping me find the right mortgage for the property I bought. While getting a mortgage is usually a stressful process, your willingness to answer my questions and keep me informed on where we were in the process, made it much easier. My Realtor said she'd never had a deal close so quickly, and I know that was in part to you and to everyone at Waterstone Mortgage for going the extra mile and finding the right mortgage for the property and my budget. Thanks for all you do. When it's time to get another mortgage, I'll be back.

John H.


It is with confidence that I look forward to work with Jeff again, as he was able to accomplish something rare in this industry. Despite an extremely difficult seller and agent situation, the buyer was able to close in a timely fashion on his dream home thanks to Jeff, Corey and the Waterstone Mortgage team. I have been a realtor in the Tampa Bay area since 1996 and have worked with many mortgage brokers and loan officers over the years. I can honestly say that I do not know of another one today that could have handled this stressful transaction in a more satisfactory manner. Jeff was there to provide support to the buyer and me throughout the entire process, no matter how demanding the situation. If you are ever in need of a seasoned professional who gets you to the closing table on time, then make Jeff your choice!

Linda R.

Charles Rutenberg Realty


If I used a one-word description it would be fantastic.
Jeff gave me a complete overview of the process at our first meeting. He told what would be expected from me. He would send an email requesting certain documents and would try to return them within 24 hours. By doing this, the process seemed almost seamless. When I found a house I couldn¹t believe how quickly Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage got me to the closing table.
I really owe my homeownership to Jeff Mioduszewski and through his process of gathering the needed documents. I can¹t stress how much I enjoyed working with Waterstone Mortgage and Jeff Mioduszewski. It was a fantastic experience, I would repeat it again if needed. I will also recommend Waterstone Mortgage to anyone.
I can¹t stress enough to any potential buyer, return paperwork as soon as it is requested. This will insure you have a similar stress free process.
Randy P.


I don't even know where to start on such a difficult deal. All I can say is I have such a high regard and immense gratitude and faith in your company and yourself as a person. You handled yourself as such a professional and overcame every obstacle I threw your way with elegance and professionalism. I don't write testimonials ever but just had to write this one. I'm in awe of how you handled the transaction, jumped threw hoops and overcame adversity to get it done. I appreciate you, your company, your professionalism and your attitude. I look forward to hopefully doing business with you in the future and you have my vote. Way to go Jeff. You ROCK!

Tracy K.

Keller Williams


I just wanted to say a quick thank you on behalf of my wife and I. After an initial disappointment with one of the “big banks” Jeff came highly recommended by a friend whose opinion I trust implicitly. Not only did Jeff meet, but he also exceeded all of our expectations.

Our loan was not a straightforward one and Jeff set our expectations well at the outset. Between Jeff and his assistant Corey, they were extremely efficient with all of our paperwork and were able to expedite the loan to meet the tight deadline that our seller demanded. Jeff also dealt admirably with what we can only kindly refer to as “a difficult seller” and all of the unexpected changes that resulted.

Once again, thank you for making our mortgage loan a pleasant experience in the face of difficult circumstances and on a very tight schedule!

 Rex H.


Words cannot express the depth of gratitude we have for Jeff working with us through what was a frustrating, complex case of identity theft. My husband had over $60,000 worth of deficiencies on his credit that I'd been disputing in the courts before Jeff got on board. Although Jeff couldn't do anything regarding the debt on my husband's credit report, Jeff did encourage us to keep fighting this since we'd provided him with all court documents and dismissals up to this point and he truly wanted to see us succeed. Jeff was at all times patient, professional and provided the personalized attention and expertise we would not have received elsewhere that I'm sure of. This was an uphill battle and Jeff was right there with us the entire way, congratulating us for each obstacle we overcame, tirelessly reminding me to send in required documents when I was weary and sending me updated to-do lists to make things easier since I was so overwhelmed. Jeff is so organized with such an incredible attention to detail that by the time we found our dream house all of our paperwork was in order, our loan was approved right away and we closed early. Jeff and his team are truly an asset to Waterstone Mortgage. I will absolutely recommend Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage to friends and family. Jeff, we would like to thank you for believing in us and all of your help along the way. We appreciate all that you've done for us!

Heather and Moe C.


Jeff did a great job getting us a quick turn around on our loan and closing. We had only 1 month to get a new house, get approved for a loan, and move. Never thought it would happen, but it did. Got loan approval and closed on our old house and new one on the same day. Jeff got all the necessary people together and it worked. Were in our new house 30 days from selling our old one.  Thanks for the hard work.

Mark and Barbara D


I've worked with Jeff in the past and due to my circumstances, I lost contact. He reached out to me and I'm so glad he did. I am a realtor, and my last two closings were far from normal.  With the seasoned expertise Jeff has accumulated over the years, I was so glad these closings were with Jeff.  In addition to Jeff, his team was perfect. We closed on a GA property in the morning and closed on Florida property in the afternoon. Both went off WITHOUT A HITCH!  Thank you Jeff for reaching out to me and renewing our relationship! My clients were never happier!

Carrie C.

Charles Rutenberg Realty


Jeff and his teammates at Waterstone Mortgage did a excellent job at making the loan process go as smooth and as quickly as possible. Jeff was always available, weather it was though e-mail or by phone if any problem came up. He was very courteous and very well spoken. He really did a fantastic job to get the closing date that we needed, within a very short period. I will highly recommend him to anyone that needs a mortgage professional. Just want to say thanks again Jeff for getting us in our new Florida home!

Beverly M.


Wow, what an awesome team of professionals! Jeff Mioduszewski and the team at Waterstone Mortgage were on call 24/7. Our process was unusual as we closed from Virginia. The Waterstone Mortgage team took us through the process step by step, answering questions, explaining contract language, and following-up on every detail. We could not ask for better assistance. One word, phenomenal! Thank you, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation for a painless process.

Rafael S.


I would like to take the time to commend Jeff on his swiftness, professionalism, and promptness in getting my loan closed. He answered calls and emails in what seemed like minutes! I appreciated his communication skills and his positive attitude! My favorite part was that, as a young, first-time homebuyer, Jeff always treated me with respect and appreciation for doing business with him. Thank you again!

Derek M.


Thank you Jeff Mioduszewski and team for making the loan process go as smooth as possible. We were able to close early because of your efficiency. Your service was very professional and courteous.

We would highly recommend Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage.

Rose H.


Jeffery Mioduszewski was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. My refinance had many twists and turns. I had a very unhelpful insurance agency as well. Jeff was able to navigate me through this process and the twists without causing me the headache. Every time I had a question (and I had a lot) I was able to reach Jeff. Emails and texts were replied to within the hour. He also discovered through the process that I no longer was zoned for flood insurance. When you are zoned for flood insurance, a very expensive mandatory policy is placed on you. This discovery is saving me TONS of money a year. He was also able to lower my monthly payments saving me even more money! Even after closing, he continued work behind the scenes for me (again saving me the headache) with my very unhelpful insurance agency.

I am very thankful for the recommendation from my dad (dads always seem to be right) to use Jeff. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to refinance. Thank you so much Jeff!

Danielle D.


Jeff Mioduszewski and his team at Waterstone Mortgage did an outstanding job. Jeff was very communicative, precise, knowledgeable and organized. Everything went nice and smooth! It was great working with him. Highly recommended to anybody. Thank you so much!

Watts S.


Jeff did an absolutely fantastic job with our mortgage loan. He was accessible, timely, prepared, and went above and beyond at every turn to make our process as easy as possible. His Waterstone Mortgage site was more secure and easy to work with than any banks I've ever dealt with as well.

Personally, Jeff was always available when I had a timely question, and helped make the process enjoyable and not completely overwhelming. His knowledge and acumen helped my wife and I feel comfortable with all of our decisions, and we appreciated his wit and energy.

Frankly, in a situation where time was of the absolute essence, Jeff helped us craft a mortgage scenario that a even a family member with substantial banking connections had trouble matching. Because of this, we got the terms we wished for, and closed in what must have been a record 25 days (start to finish) on our beautiful new home.

I couldn't recommend him more for any mortgage loan needs!

Kevin R.


Thank you Jeff for all of your help and for making a difficult process seem as smooth as possible. You and your team at Waterstone Mortgage did a super job closing my client's loan 14 days early. This was totally unexpected!

There was excellent follow-through, patience and no requests for extra work that was not really needed. There were no surprises and you and the team took great care in making sure that the loan process went as smooth as possible. You were available when I called, texted or emailed. You and the team were courteous, direct and honest. Jeff, you are a true professional and I would definitely recommend and refer you to anyone.

I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future!

Mike P., Realtor

Consult Realty & Management


My experience with Waterstone Mortgage was a very positive one. Jeff and the staff there were very professional and made my job easy. The online service saved me a lot of time during busy work weeks. I would recommend Waterstone Mortgage to anyone looking to secure a loan.

Jon H.


Just wanted to let you know that this was the easiest refinance I have ever done. Your team was just fantastic, completing the process almost entirely by email and fax. Your prompt responses to email helped complete this process in less than 5 weeks. I would certainly recommend you and your team to others who need to either finance or refinance a home.

Thank you again,
Eli F.


Jeff and his team at Waterstone Mortgage did a phenomenal job at closing my client's loan 12 days before schedule. His streamlined and direct approach at handling our recent transaction was very impressive. He has excellent follow-through, great patience, is direct and to the point. There were no surprises that he couldn't handle and he took great care in making sure that the loan process went as smooth as possible. He was always available every single time I called, texted or emailed him. He was courteous, confident and he stood behind his words. He is a true stand-up professional and I would definitely recommend and refer anyone to him. You will be impressed, just as I was.

Thank you so very much Jeff for all of your help and for making what seemed impossible a reality. You are the best of the best! I look forward to doing many more deals with you in the near future!

Kindest Regards,

Natalie W.
Realtor, Homeward Real Estate


Dear Jeff,
I have very high expectations for everyone I work with on a real estate transaction and you by far are the BEST in your field. When did I ever have a lender package to the title company 9 days prior to the closing date? NEVER EVER! Only with you! I cannot thank you enough for being there for my clients. I know that when you are working with them, they are in the best possible hands and I have no worries ever. It’s really a ton of stress off of me.
I wish you continued success with much appreciation.

All the Best,
Jamie D.


Jeff and his team at Waterstone Mortgage helped my clients get their FHA financing completed to purchase their new home. When issues arose in this process, Jeff stepped forward to identify the problem and provided a solution. Jeff kept in good communication throughout the loan process. The personalized service delivered by Jeff, combined with Waterstone Mortgage’s team effort, allowed this FHA finance product to close early. Job well done!

Jacques M.
Charles Rutenberg Realty


Jeff Mioduszewski and the great people at Waterstone Mortgage handled the financing of my recent condo purchase and they were truly focused and dedicated toward securing the approval of my loan.

I would highly recommend their hardworking, skillful team to anyone financing a home or condo purchase here in Florida.

Dave T.


Kudos to Jeff Mioduszewski and the team at Waterstone Mortgage for their excellent service and professionalism in expediting the loan process for a recent closing. With the seller living out of country and the buyer living out of state, Jeff worked with us all in a positive manner to close the transaction a week ahead of time. From his first conversation with the buyers through the day of closing, he continuously communicated with me so I was aware of each step of the process. Being the realtor in any transaction, I have often been the last to know when a problem arises. Because of Jeff's attention to detail and his commitment to his profession, I was comforted by the knowledge that Jeff would give me a heads up immediately. The entire process was one of the smoothest I've experienced and I attribute that to Jeff's work ethic. Buyers, sellers, and closing agent all commented on the thoroughness and ease with which the process transpired. This was my first transaction with Jeff and his team. I look forward to future dealings! Thank you so much for a job well done!

Priscilla B., Realtor

The Becky Borci Real Estate Team


Anne and I are both so appreciative of the level of service and professionalism we experienced from you and your team during the recent purchase of our home. Our realtor commented on how smoothly everything went and how great the communication was. We were amazed by your responsiveness and thoroughness. You returned our calls and emails even when you took a few days off to attend a wedding!

The fact that we were 1,500 hundred miles away and not familiar with how real estate transactions are handled in Florida could have been extremely stressful, but you made the entire process quick, easy, and comfortable for us. It was a pleasure working with you and the Waterstone Mortgage team.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is financing the purchase of a home.

Ken O. and Anne A.


I would like to take a brief moment and thank Jeff Mioduszewski on an excellent job done on my recent home purchase. I had applied through Wells Fargo and even though I have great scores, Wells Fargo turned me down due to my short sale not being at the full two years since it was sold. I had also called two other lenders and ran my scenario by them, only for them to call back the following day saying they couldn't do anything for me.

I finally found Jeff and he took control. He never told me upfront I would get approved, but that if I was willing to put forth the effort and supply him with all items an underwriter would need, he would submit my file and do all he could to help get an approval. The first thing he did and most important was listen. He listened to the reason that lead me to short sale my home, then asked me to write a letter fully detailing the situation. He gave me some excellent points to hit on in the letter and we were able to submit a solid explanation. Along with that, he asked for pay-stubs, bank statements, etc. He wasn't interested in writing a pre-approval letter that was weak, but he wanted to provide me and my wife with the best possible comfort level; not only for us, but also for the seller whose home we would write the contract on.

Once we received the underwriter’s approval and obtained a fully executed sales contract, Jeff and his loan processor Corey really rose above and beyond expectations. Coming from a person that also originated loans, Jeff and Corey never left me hanging and always keep us we'll informed of the underwriting status. It was a pleasure to have this attention to detail, when the overall home buying experience can seem overwhelming at times. Jeff and Corey's tag team effort was the sole reason that once we obtained a full sales contract, we were able to close in under 30 days.

I would highly advise any buyer or current homeowner looking to refinance, to seriously listen to Jeff's loan options, before using any fly-by-night lender that is more concerned about the money they'll make, rather than what is the best loan option for them.

I would also like for the management team at Waterstone Mortgage to recognize both Jeff and Corey for their outstanding efforts.

Mac M.


My husband and I have now had the pleasure of working with Jeff Mioduszewski for the loan applications and closings of 2 of our homes. Jeff has made this exciting yet stressful time a truly enjoyable experience. He was efficient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process, ensuring that we were kept well informed on what we needed to do and where we stood as the application process went on. He was always available either via email, telephone or text, which made communicating very easy given our hectic life and work schedules.

Waterstone Mortgage should feel privileged to have Jeff on staff as a Sr. Loan Officer. My husband and I would definitely go to Jeff for any further home purchases and will be recommending him to all our family and friends. Thank you Jeff.

Jodi P.


Jeff M. has assisted us on three occasions to date. Once for a home loan and twice for refinancing for college and a business venture. Each time he did not disappoint. He quickly got to work on what we needed and made sure to get us great rates and the amount that we needed. We definitely felt like a priority with him and we will return to him with all of our home financing needs.

Harry and Amanda D.


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping my husband and I purchase our first home using a VA loan. We were turned away from several other lenders and it was you who dedicated yourself to helping us with this transaction. You by far passed all expectations in helping us throughout the process - even meeting the new closing deadline the sellers requested! I want to mention how we were purchasing a home not in your direct area but 6 1/2 hours away and you were still able to make it happen! Thanks again and I will highly recommend that anyone looking to purchase a new home use you to make the process easier!

Tianna S


We will undoubtedly recommend you to anyone we know who plans to go through the home loan process. I don't think many people appreciate the anxiety that purchasing a home can create. I know I was dreading the thought of pulling all of the paperwork together for the loan process, but you guys made it pretty painless. Your willingness to answer our questions and take the time to ensure that we understood the process put us at ease. Kristen and I are looking forward to getting settled in and enjoying our new purchase.

Thanks again for helping make it happen!


“We had a tremendous experience working with Jeff Mioduszewski at Waterstone Mortgage Corporation and would highly recommend him to anyone. Jeff and his team made us feel like we were their only clients because of their level of responsiveness, attention to detail and thoroughness in answering questions. Home buying can be a stressful and agonizing experience but to our amazement Jeff made this an enjoyable and memorable experience. He is a true pro, well-educated and very personable and has provided us excellent references throughout the process. We are so happy that we found him and know that without his team the process of buying our first home would have been a lot more difficult.”


Rebecca and Ryan


I have had the wonderful privilege to work with Jeff Mioduszewski over the past 6 years and he has done an amazing job! Over that span of time, Jeff has provided excellent service for dozens of my customers. What I like most about Jeff is that I can refer my customers to him with the certainty that they will receive amazing service. In addition, Jeff always provides a full and complete explanation of the process to the customer, resulting in an understanding of the loan products that are available to them. He gives them all of their options so that they can make an informed and intelligent decision based on their unique situation. Jeff takes the uncertainty and fear out of the equation for the borrower.

I plan to continue referring my clients to Jeff because he has proven to have the experience, desire, professionalism and work ethic to help them achieve their homeownership goals. I can't wait until we are able to work together again to provide elite level services to the next homeowner!

Thanks again Jeff - you are the best!

Thomas T
Broker Associate & Realtor
Lipply Real Estate



I would like to thank both you and the whole Waterstone Mortgage team for the dedicated matter in which you and your team completed our mortgage on our condo. The attention to detail that was displayed during the whole process was amazing. To sit at the closing and here the attorney and his staff carry on about the quality of work put into the mortgage and the timely manner with which they received it was like a feather in my own cap for picking true experts in your field. I will highly recommend you to anyone that I know of searching for a mortgage. Thank you for being the highly trained experts that you were.


Ronald and Peggy W.


Hi Jeff and Arnie,

I want to say thank you for out performing all expectations on the Gaul’s closing. Jeff and Waterstone Mortgage demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and delivered results in lightening fast time! Thanks for the excellent communication throughout and making the closing as smooth as silk!

Kind regards,

Walter P. / Broker Owner

TGR Realty

Jacques M.
Charles Rutenberg Realty

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